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The News about the Japanese Digital Yen is causing a lot of Crypto Volatility. Trade Safe and Easy Riding this Volatility through the Yen Coin!

All trading involves risk!

7 January 2022 | Updated:

Yen Coin App Features

Powerful news Trading Algorithm

Yen Coin App uses extremely powerful news trading algorithms to ride the news relating to the launch of the Japanese digital Yen. The news about the digital Yen contributes to 40% of the volatility witnessed in the crypto industry today. This translates to profitable money-making opportunities for news traders.

AI-driven trading algorithms

Yen Coin App is Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven. AI is the backbone of success in any trading system. Trading systems driven by AI can identify and trade news events at high accuracy and speed. Speed and accuracy are the keys to any successful trading. The speeds at which the Yen Coin App identifies and capitalizes on opportunities enable it to beat the markets.

Beginner-friendly trading system

We have made the Yen Coin App quite easy to use. Anyone can make money with us from the first day of trading. You don’t need to know much about trading or investing to make money with us. The Yen Coin App user interface is developed with the complete beginner in mind. Most of our verified clients describe the trading experience as game-like and fun.

Why trade With Yen Coin App?

In collaboration with leading corporations and banks, the government of Japan is gearing up to launch state-backed crypto.

Various sources claim that the launch may happen by the end of [cur_year]. The news about the launch has set off massive volatility in the crypto industry. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and BCH are highly sensitive to any industry-related news. We developed the Yen Coin App to trade the volatility relating to the Digital Yen launch.

Our system uses the CFDs derivatives to bet on this volatility. Moreover, it uses powerful NLP-driven algorithms to capture the Japanese digital Yen-related news and generate signals based on the prediction of the news impact on crypto prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Yen Coin App profitable?

There is a huge possibility that you will make money with Yen Coin. Many of our clients are already living their financial dream. Read the many great Yen Coin reviews on the web to learn more.

2. Is Yen Coin App safe?

We have done our best to offer a transparent and secure trading environment. Yen Coin App runs on the blockchain to ensure transparent transactions. Moreover, we rely on advanced platform encryption to protect user data.

3. Does Yen Coin App support mobile trading?

You can use the Yen Coin App while on the go on any smartphone or tablet device. The Yen Coin App web trader can be converted to a hybrid app. The app should work well on any smartphone OS.

4. Is Yen Coin App regulated in my country?

Yen Coin App is regulated in most countries through partner brokers. We have agreed with these brokers to facilitate the trading process. The orders generated by the Yen Coin App are executed through the brokers.

5. Does Yen Coin offer free withdrawals?

The assigned local broker facilitates any transaction through the Yen Coin App. Our partner brokers offer up to 10 free withdrawals with a maximum of $20,000 per withdrawal.

6. Is Yen Coin App backed by the government of Japan?

No! Yen Coin App is an independent trading tool for riding the volatility associated with the Japanese digital currency launch. You should not confuse the trading app with the digital Yen project.


What is Yen Coin App?

Yen Coin App is a crypto trading platform launched in 2019. The platform specializes in trading the news linked to the launch of the official Japanese digital Yen.

The Japanese Digital Yen project goal is to develop a blockchain-based digital currency backed by bank deposits. This project is being implemented by the government of Japan in collaboration with 74 corporations.

The trial for the digital Yen is expected to start this year and will be led by Mitsubishi Corp. This project is expected to trigger massive volatility in the entire crypto industry. The news relating to this project is already triggering significant crypto volatility.

We developed Yen Coin App to help you earn profits from this volatility. The platform uses the trading wisdom of leading WST news traders to trade digital Yen-related news.

Yen Coin App does everything for you and delivers the profits straight into your bank account. Try us now, and you could start living your financial dream in the next few months.

How does Yen Coin App work?

Yen Coin App trades the crypto volatility triggered by the news. This trading platform is specialized to capture and derive signals from the news about the Japanese digital Yen.

As explained earlier, Yen Coin App capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and make money from this news. The bot uses the subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to capture this news.

Yen Coin App can sieve through the news to only generate insights from the authentic ones. The ability to differentiate fake news from legit ones is quite important today. Yen Coin App is already delivering mouthwatering profits to users in the current volatility.

The profitability is bound to shoot to the moon as the Japanese digital Yen project continues to advance. Our team is working extremely hard to ensure that our trading system stays on top of the game.

Yen Coin App is built on Machine Learning (ML) technologies to ensure that it adapts to changing market conditions. This is extremely important in any approach to news trading.

How to make money with Yen Coin App

Making money with Yen Coin App is a cup of tea if you can follow our trading instructions to the letter.

Our mission is to offer an easy way to make money from cryptocurrencies. Yen Coin App is a trading system developed to help you ride event-driven volatility. The platform utilizes AI technology to implement advanced news trading strategies.

Despite the sophistication, Yen Coin App is extremely easy to use. This is because the platform conducts all the technical functions. You only need to complete the signup, fund your account, adjust the settings and click the live button.

You can sit back and enjoy life as the profits trickle in. Yen Coin App is gaining popularity among passive online investors at breathtaking speed. We are reviewed as the number one online money-making tool in 2023 by most passive online income blogs.

You can try your luck with us today by signing up via the registration form on the top right corner of this page. It’s quite important that you verify the registration URL to ensure that you are registering from the official Yen Coin website.

We have identified several cloned sites masquerading as us. These sites are likely to steal your information to perpetrate cyberattacks. Take advantage of the free signup and create your Yen Coin App account now.

We may introduce a registration fee anytime from now as the demand for our system continues to skyrocket. Bookmark this page if you decide to register with us later.

Is Yen Coin App a scam? The Facts!

The profitability associated with Yen Coin App has made many people skeptical about it. We have published all the proof of our legitimacy on this page.

Yen Coin App is not only legitimate but could be super profitable. The great Yen Coin App reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, Forex Peace Army and many other sites are enough proof of our profitability.

We have only been around for less than a year but have already helped many live their financial dream. The number of people generating fortunes through our AI-driven trading system is rising exponentially.

We have an active user base of over 100k. Over 90% of these users have been profitable from the first day of trading with us. You can prove this by studying the verified Yen Coin App reviews on the platforms mentioned above.

We are fully dedicated to offering a transparent trading environment. Yen Coin runs on the blockchain to allow users to monitor all transactions in real time. Moreover, all data submitted through our platforms is encrypted through the 128-bit AES key encryption.

This level of encryption ensures full data safety. Data safety is extremely important, given that most cyberattacks begin with stolen information. We are happy to report that we have entered into a partnership with some of the best platform brokers in the industry. You have a safety assurance with these brokers, given that they are well-regulated. All the Yen Coin App supporting brokers are monitored by tier-one regulatory bodies. These include the UK’s FCA, Cyprus CySEC, and Australia’s ASIC.



Yen Coin App Reviews Snapshot

We are proud of the reputation that we have acquired since launch. Yen Coin App is undoubtedly highly revered by users.

We have great ratings all over the internet, including on leading review sites and social media. Also, there are many fan pages and communities dedicated to our trading system.

Yen Coin App is among the top 3 crypto-related trending keywords on Google and Bing in the UK, Australia, and North America. We are receiving huge traffic from these regions with up to 500k page hits per month.

At least 50,000 people try to register with us daily. Unfortunately, we only accept less than 2% of registration requests. We are offering more signup opportunities in some regions, as explained below.

Yen Coin App United States

We have only been in the US markets for three months. There is a high likelihood of securing a signup slot with us if you are in this country.

Moreover, you may enjoy signup bonuses of up to 50% if you are assigned to one of our US-based partner brokers. Please note that the signup bonuses depend on the underlying broker. This means that there is no guarantee that you will earn a signup bonus.

Yen Coin App Australia

We started operating in Australia in February 2020. Several of the brokers supporting us are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Australia is among the leading countries globally in financial regulation. Our partnership with ASIC-regulated brokers cements our commitment to ensuring a safe trading environment for our clients.

Yen Coin App Canada

We are also gaining a lot of fans in Canada. Yen Coin App became available in this country in December 2020.

We have offered over a thousand sign slots to users from this region. Some of the Canadian brokers supporting our trading system may offer signup bonuses. You could enjoy registration bonuses of up to 100% if luck is on your side.

Yen Coin App UK

We started our journey in London in 2018. The UK is our biggest market with more than 50% of our clients being from this region.

Yen Coin App UK operates under FCA-regulated brokers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the leading UK regulatory body. This regulatory body is classified by experts as tier one.

Only highly reputable and globally respected regulatory institutions are classified as tier-one.

Yen Coin App on Reddit

We are amazed by the robust growth of the Yen Coin App community on Reddit. There are over 15 highly active Yen Coin Reddit communities.

Some of the subreddits have up to 15000 participants and thousands of comments. You should go through these comments to learn more about our trading system.

A subreddit is a thread discussing a given subject. Reddit is a popular social media platform for building communities around subjects.

Yen Coin App Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a renowned review site for services and products. Over 500,000 product and service reviews are posted on this platform daily.

We are proud of the great Yen Coin reviews on this platform. Our trading system has nearly 10,000 reviews on this platform and a general rating of 4.7/5. This rating shows that over 95% of our clients find our trading platform to be profitable.

Yen Coin App Login Security

We support trading through the web and also on mobile. Both the web trader and the mobile trader come with similar features.

The mobile trader is a hybrid version of the web trader. You will find the Yen Coin App download link on the trading resources page. We have done our best to ensure foolproof security for our site and trading platforms.

The Yen Coin App website is protected through the 128-bit key AES encryption. This ensures that all data submitted through the platform is safe. We have also invested in server-side encryption for full safety.

Moreover, we have a robust data privacy policy in place. We do not share clients’ data without permission. Moreover, we do not store clients’ data beyond the intended use. We fully adhere to data protection laws in all countries of operation.

Is Yen Coin App a Scam? Final Word!

There is a huge likelihood that you will live your financial dream within a short time of trading with the Yen Coin App.

We are tested by many users and experts and confirmed to be legit and profitable. Yen Coin App was launched in 2019 to trade the news-triggered volatility of the top 7 leading global currencies.

These currencies include BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, DOGE, ATOM, and Cardano. Yen Coin App specializes in trading the news related to the launch of the digital Japanese currency.

As mentioned earlier, Japan is in the late stages of introducing a blockchain-based currency backed by bank deposits. The government of Japan spearheads this project alongside 74 corporations.

The trial phase for the Japanese digital Yen will be led by Mitsubishi Corporation. This project is expected to set off crazy crypto volatility in the coming months. Yen Coin App was developed to trade the volatility associated with this project.

The digital Yen-related news is already causing a lot of volatility in the markets. This explains why Yen Coin App users are reporting huge profitability recently. The profitability is bound to keep increasing with the advancement of the digital Yen project.


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